Tips on using Tripadvisor

Tripadvisor hosts the largest travel community in the world. It has revolutionised the way that people book their hotels. The main focus of the website is their hotel reviews section where travellers give their opinions and ratings on different hotels.

Tips on using Trip Advisor

Look at the travellers photo's
We believe that the best way to get a feel for a hotel is to look at other guests own photo's (Travellers photos). They give a true reflection of what to expect when you reach the hotel. Please remember that hotels have started to add their own photographs to this section. If a photo looks too professional or if you can not see any other guests within the photo they may have been taken by a pro photographer.

Rule out the very top reviews and very bottom reviews.
Hotel chains know the power of hotel reviewers and have started to manipulate trip advisor by submitting their own positive reviews be careful if you see a magnificent review of a hotel.  We have also recently seen hotels review other hotels that they compete with in a negative way. Trip advisor keep a close eye on this activity. When looking at trip advisor you need to keep an open mind to the reviews being posted. try to rule out the very top reviews and the very bottom reviews. Look at the reviews as an average and look at the factors that are important to your holiday.

Don't get too involved in Trip Advisor
There is a tendency for people to get obsessed with only reading trip advisor reviews. They may only choose hotels in the top 5 places and disregard other worthy hotels. We always suggest to look at some of the booking websites such as Agoda or as they have reviews only from people who have paid to stay at the hotels.

Use the search features to your full advantage
Trip advisor gives you the opportunity to search for reviews based on your traveller profile. You can search for reviews from business travellers, couples and families. This gives you an idea of what the hotel was like for travellers similar to yourself. Another great feature that trip advisor has recently included is a search named 'just for you'. It remembers your searches and you requirements and suggests hotels which would suit your needs. You can also use trip advisor to search by price, location and by amenities.

Price Comparison
Tripadvisor gives a price comparison facility. This is great but we do recommend that you check our website first because there may be a promo code that you can use when booking that will save you more money. You may also want to book directly through the hotels website as you can then collect hotel loyalty points and status points for upgrades and extra privileges. These may not be given if you book through a third party website. 

See what you friends have said about hotels
Tripadvisor also links to Facebook and will show you reviews that have been made by your Facebook friends. These are great reviews as these will be people who are similar to you and may have the same requirements.

Try the forums
The forums are a good place to ask some more unique questions and advice from your fellow travellers. Example questions would be when is the best time to travel, which hotel has the best pool, how to get to and from your hotel. There is a huge amount of information available if you search this knowledge base.

Visit the tripadvisor travel website: Click here